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A3 OHP Sheets Inkjet
A3 OHP Sheets Inkjet

A3 OHP Sheets Inkjet

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  • Printer compatible with inkjets: transparency sheets that can be printed in colour for standard inkjet printers.
  • 100% transparent: clearer overhead projector transparencies and shorter exposure times for screen prints
  • Scope of application: transparency sheets for an overhead projector that work with transparent screen effects like silk screen printing, slide projection, projection, and electronic fixture printing on film and PCBs.

    ✔ A special coating on the film's surface that can produce brighter colours and excellent details. 

    ✔ It can also dry faster, perform well, not break, not fade, store for a long time, and archive management is simple. 

    ✔ It is anti-static, anti-skid, anti-light, anti-crimp, and anti-fold, 

    A3 (420mm x 297mm) 115 micron.

    ✔ When printing, the graphic printing side of the inkjet film should face upward.

    ✔ To determine which side is the printing side, wet your fingers and touch the printing side and the non-printing side.