Dot Stickers/Activity stickers/Colour coding labels – Packwith
Dot stickers are used in planners, craft activities, scrapbooking, bulletins, journals, home decoration, and more. They come in vibrant colours and shades which can be easily peeled off and pasted on any smooth surface. Try coloured dot stickers that are available in various sizes like 8mm dot stickers, 12mm sticker dots, 20mm dot stickers, 30mm dot stickers, and 50mm dot stickers. Coloured dot stickers are available in paper and plastic materials. Get free delivery in the UK for orders above £20.

Dot Stickers

8mm Paper Coloured Dot Stickers


12mm Paper Coloured Sticker Dots


20mm Paper Sticker Dots


30mm Paper Coloured Dot Stickers


50mm Paper Sticker Dots


8mm Plastic Coloured Dot Stickers


12mm Plastic Coloured Sticker Dots


20mm Plastic Sticker Dots


30mm Plastic Sticker Dots


50mm Plastic Coloured Dot Stickers


Multisize Metallic Sticker Dots