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Shrink wrap for packaging

by Ranjani Venkataraman on April 05, 2022

How to use shrink wraps for Packaging?

Shrink wrap is a Packaging product that is made up of a material polymer plastic. It is a transparent film that is used to cover tightly packed items by applying heat. Many manufacturing industries like Food and Food Processing industry, Textile industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Health care industry, Cosmetic industry and other industries use them primarily for packing their products in bulk for shipping and inventory stocking.

#Types of shrink wrap films

Shrink wrap films comes in varied thickness, clarity, strength and material. The most commonly used shrink wrap is PVC as it is cost effective and lighter in weight. But PVC is highly harmful to the environment and can cause bad odor if is used in a not properly ventilated area. The next type is Polyolefin(POF) shrink film which is thicker than PVC and is puncture resistant.

Due to its durability, it is mostly used in the packaging of irregularly shaped items. Polyethylene (PE), which is a type of polyolefin has lesser clarity and shrinking elasticity and is used for packing heavy materials as it has higher strength compared to other types of shrink films.

# Benefits of shrink wrap in packing

  • Shrink wraps provides protection to the product that it covers. It is most commonly used as an over wrap on carton boxes, beverage cans and pallet loads. The thin film wraps are used to protect perishable food products to increase their shelf life and conceal its smell during packaging.Cross- linked shrink wrap films are used to cover objects that have sharp edges as they are puncture and tear and puncture resistant. Shrink wraps are also used over parts of packaging for tamper resistance.
  • These wraps elevate a product’s look as they come in a glossy shine material. Colorful graphics printed on them surely increases the selling point of a product.
  • Shrink films are ideal for packaging of frozen products as they have anti fog and lesser moisture vapor transmission rates.
  • The POF and PE shrink wrap films can be recycled which addresses the issue of reducing packaging waste and having a sustainable environment.


Shrink wraps come in rolls for your packaging needs and buy these wrap films in bulk from wholesale suppliers to reduce the cost of packaging. Also choose the shrink wrap with right gauge that suits your product well so that it stays safe during transport and shipping.


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Main Advantages of using shrink wrap packaging

Shrink wrap films are plastic films that are used for a variety of packaging applications namely, for product safety, to extend product life, to retain product quality and also bring an aesthetic appeal to the product. Primarily used for covering objects of different shapes and sizes by applying heat, shrink wraps conform to the object shape and seals itself. The wraps are water proof, weather proof and tamper proof that leaves the users with packing multiple products ranging from bulkiest ones to the most delicate objects. Shrink films come with a lot of advantage. Let’s discuss them one by one.

#Product protection

Shrink wraps as the name goes wraps around any item tightly when heated and seals its contents. This gives the protection to the product from dust, dirt and moisture. From frozen pizzas, ice creams, meat and other edibles, the shrink wrap films help extending their shelf life. Some wrap films also come with UV protection that keeps the product safe from harmful sun’s rays.

#Packaging durability

Manufacturers spend a size-able amount on product packaging as packaging is the last means of their communication to the customer. To make sure the product reaches the end consumer safely, the packaging has to be durable. Shrink films are made of sturdy plastic that is tamper proof. They are tear and puncture resistant so the packaging remains intact even in extreme weather conditions.

#Product branding

These days when consumers are ready to spend that extra little money on an attractively packaged product, a visually appealing packaging has become more significant. Shrink wrap films that are printed with vibrant color graphic designs add that popup to the product packaging eventually leading to more sales. This means shrink wraps are also a great way to promote your personal brands.

#Low cost packaging

Compared to regular packing products like carton boxes, shrink wraps are cost effective and they reduce the storage space as they wrap around the product tightly. This saves a lot of money for the manufacturers and big industries.

#Hassle-free packaging

Regular packaging items fit well for bigger sized products and when packed in bulk quantities. Suppose the product you produce is too small like a chocolate or an electronic hardware component, then shrink wrap films are the go to material. They suit all sizes and shapes which makes them an ideal choice for packaging.

The added bonus is shrink wraps are recyclable which is more efficient when it comes to waste management.  All these advantages make them the go to choice packaging product. For buying shrink wrap films in UK at lowest prices, shop with us at Packwith.