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How to use dot stickers in the most creative ways?

by Ranjani Venkataraman on February 26, 2022

Colored dot stickers or colored sticker dots, whatever one may call it, can be used in different ways with one’s imagination.

Available in vibrant colors, these color coding labels come in sizes of 8mm, 12mm, 20mm, 30mm and 50mm.

These are a sure hit with kids as they are eye catchy and come handy to use.

Okay now how to use these stickers in the most creative ways?

#wall decor

Wall decors are usually expensive and if you want to decorate your walls in the cheapest way possible, then dot stickers come to your rescue.

With the multiple choice of colors, and with your imagination as the only limit, wonderful designs can be made using them.

#Art drawing

Kids generally love bright colors. And drawing with normal color pencils and sketch can be a little boring. So, use these colorful dot stickers to lighten up their drawing activity. Kids will love them as this will help them use their creativity to create wonderful sketches with these sticker dots.

#School Timetables

Children remembering their daily class schedules can be little confusing for them. So just allot each color sticker dot with a subject and paste them on the walls. This way looking at the color, they know exactly what to prepare for their next day’s class.

#Cupboard decor

Make the boring cupboards of your little ones fun using these color coding labels. Just draw a hand sketch of your favorite shapes and designs and let your toddlers paste these stick on labels on them. This way you can engage them in getting their decors done at home and take pictures of them to have it as a memory!

#Identify stationeries

If you have 2 or 3 children at home, then they have silly fights over their stationeries. So, to sort it out, allot one color to each child and paste the particular color dot on their stationery. This way when they do homework, their belongings will be easy to identify.

#Identify numbers

The coolest way to teach kids basic numbers is just draw them on a chart paper and tell them to identify the numbers by pasting the color sticker dots on them. This way they will also enjoy learning with a little activity.

Sky is the limit for one’s imagination to play around with their creativity. There are many more ways to use these handy stick on labels. Tell us more if you have one in the comments.

How to use color coding labels in schools in the most effective ways?

Dot stickers, commonly called as color coding labels at school, have a variety of uses.

Since they are handy and come in bright and catchy colors, Teachers prefer to use them in many student activities, especially in the primary level of education.

Not only that, since these stickers are easy to afford, using them for a large number of students is also doable.

Now let’s see how we can use these colored dot stickers in the most effective ways.

#Group activity

Classrooms activities generally involve students in groups. And, it is going to be a mess when we tell the students to join in the group they like.

It usually ends up in uneven group strengths as children tend to play more with their friends.

So to avoid that, print your student names in A4 labels. Choose 4 or 5 primary colors and divide these colors equally according to your class strength.

Now paste the dot stickers colored in each label’s backside. This way, a student know he or she belongs to say “Green group”, “Pink group” and so on.

#organizing tables

Managing tables to be in the right places in a classroom can be a little messy with kids.

They generally tend to drag it here and there so it looks unorganized and messed up when one enters the room.

To sort it out, just paste these color coding labels at the exact positions where you want your tables to be and you’re good to go!

Children will find it easy to locate these color spots and you will have an organized room as well!

#Notebook markers

Be it your lesson plans or your every month attendance report, when everything is put together, it is surely hard to check the pages to know where we have written what.

So, better use these colorful dot stickers to segregate your lesson plans unit wise, each month’s attendance reports just with a few stickers.

You can also encourage your students to do the same as its fun and helps in marking stuff.

With one’s imagination, one can easily find a lot more ways to use these pretty little dots for organizing and other craft activities.

Depending on the type of activity and usage, choose either paper or plastic sticker dots and make your daily routine work super fast and cool.