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How to print personalized label stickers at home with one pence per label?

by Ranjani Venkataraman on February 24, 2022

The title sounds crazy. Isn’t it? One pence per label?

Yes, you heard it right.

Why can’t I buy a readymade sticker from the shop and save my time? This question might pop up in your heads.

Well, the effort and imagination that goes into making a personalized sticker can’t be beat by a ready to use sticker.

Hope you would agree with us on this!

Okay, so how to start?

To ease the pain of making personalized stickers at home, we have A4 labels.

A4 labels are printable sticker papers that aid in cheap customization.

They are just like any normal paper but sticky at the back that is cut into standard shapes like circle, square, rectangle etc.

They are easy to peel and stick on any smooth surface.

If you are someone who owns a printer at home, be it laser jet or inkjet printer, then printing musn’t be that hard.

A4 labels are budget friendly sticker papers that are easy and fast to print.

Say you want to print your address labels for some 10 to 20 postal envelopes. Now, just buy 21 labels sticker paper sheet and once you know how to adjust the printer settings to fit the address in each label, your job is done.

Or if you are someone who runs a home business or some small scale business and can’t spend too much on marketing your products with stickers, then printing with these sticker papers would be a good idea.

Because printing with professional printers can cost the same item around 20 to 30 pounds when outsourced.

When it comes to printing with A4 labels, you just play around with your imagination.

With a lot of free software available and download of free images is possible online, one can easily get the desired outcome with their prints with minimum investment of time.

In such situations, if you calculate the cost of printing a label at home, it would hardly come to just 1pence/label or 2pence/label.

So, think twice before outsourcing your printing for a small number of personalized label stickers.

 A home printer in good working condition, some A4 label sheets, pretty images from free online sources and a little knowledge about printing on an A4 sheet will save your pocket and give you the satisfaction that you could actually do something on your own like printing! So, just give it a try folks!

How to print in A4 label stickers using free software at home?

Most of us in the UK own printers at home.

Now, when we want to print a personalized sticker for business or address label stickers for some personal use, we generally go to official printing companies.

Why not print them confidently at home?


If you are in, we will help you do it!

#Check the number of stickers needed

Okay. So before discussing about the printing process, we need to buy the sticker papers which are readily available in shops.

Like depending on your requirement, say 15 stickers per sheet or 60 stickers per sheet, calculate the number of stickers you want and buy the A4 label stickers.

#choose the images

Now with the help of free online image resources like freepik, vecteezy, pixabay, pngtree and choose the image you wish to download.

Say for example, you want to print thank you stickers for your business. Now go to any of the above sites and download freely the images and you are good to go!

#Use free printing software templates 

After fixing on the image and text you want to print along with it, download the free softwares like bartender seagull, herma online so you have the ready to use templates for printing the content.

One can find a lot of other free softwares and standard templates for printable sticker papers.

Word also offers some. Choose one that is convenient for you.

#Set the right alignment

Once the software is finalized, select the shapes, margins, rows and columns, enter the values of horizontal and vertical gaps, give the details for printing and choose the number of copies. Check the preview once and print it.

Olah! Get your most amazing personalized stickers at home just investing a few minutes of your time. It saves you a good number of pounds with the satisfaction of achieving a small task!