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All you need to know about the types of Packaging Tapes

by Ranjani Venkataraman on March 04, 2022

Post Pandemic, when physical meetings aren’t a norm, people have switched to buying and sending things online. When you are buying online, it’s the duty of the seller to pack your items safely and ensure you get the product without any breakage. While it comes to gifting or sending important documents through post, it’s our responsibility to pack it safely for shipping.


Packing parcel tapes is an essential postal, packaging and office supply product. It is used widely in offices, workshops, warehouses and commercial establishments. Choosing the right tape for packing items based on their physical texture, one can avoid any hassles that come with packing.

Tapes come in different materials and varieties. The materials include Paper, most popular plastic material PVC, polypropylene and they come in varieties like brown tape, clear tape, fragile tape, colored tapes, gummed tapes, double sided tapes and many more.

#Brown tape

Brown tapes made from polypropylene are best for heavy duty usage. They provide maximum sealing and protection for your goods. The adhesive packing tapes come with a glossy finish and lasts for longer use. The tape roll has excellent holding power so the package stays sealed.

They are most commonly used for packing cartons, export packaging, e-commerce packaging and retail packaging. It secures even heaviest of the items inside the box.

#Clear tape

Transparent or clear tapes are used as a stationery product and in industries where color mapping and aesthetics are the main issues in packaging. They are water proof and are resistant to extreme weather conditions and used for medium and heavy duty sealing.

Clear tapes attach and adhere easily to the surface giving a perfect packaging to containers. They are ideal for apparel shipment, consumer electronic goods, FMCG industry and courier companies.

#Fragile tape

Fragile tapes are used for multi-purpose and heavy-duty purpose. They are mainly used for the sealing of fragile items like glass, ceramic and other delicate products. Clear printing on the tape in red ensures the message ‘fragile’ is clearly visible. Printing is of highest quality and also sustains all weather conditions.

Fragile tapes are cost effective adhesive tapes that helps protect your parcels in transit. The phrase ‘Handle with care’ ensures your package reaches safely.

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The five must have essential  office supplies in any office

The actual execution of any work happens at an office. It is where different teams come together under a management head to work in unison to deliver an output. So, when a lot of work has to be done by many people in a single place, it may easily end up in chaos if not organized effectively. Organizing tasks, documents and people is therefore of utmost importance for a smooth run.

Managers plan and take care of the execution of tasks and people. But, what about documents?

Any execution issue comes up, management immediately takes record of documents for verification and follow-up. So, with the help of some simple office supplies, one can easily have an organized office. Let’s check them one by one.

#Sticker Paper

Any organization, immaterial of the domain, has a lot of communication to take place. Though most of the communication happens digitally, still there are some structural norms which need physical communication. To make sure your documents reach the right person at the right time, you need address labels that perfectly stick on to the envelope. So, to ensure that, always have a good stock of sticker papers in your office. Also, if there are some notices to be printed, they come handy.


All legal communications must be communicated safely in a closed envelope. They ensure your documents reach without any wear and tear to the receiver. Brown envelopes, white envelopes, board back envelopes and mailing bags can be stocked for this purpose. Depending on the nature of the documents like fragile or thick, each envelope can be used.

#Sticker dots

Unorganized files and documents can cost your time and effort. So, better the organization, faster the work. Multi color sticker dots come to our rescue in organizing files. Allotting a specific color to a specific file or document, makes them look organized and easy to access. These dot stickers are pocket friendly and make work life hassle free.

#Packing Tapes

A big office implies a lot of documents and files. Now, piling up files year after year will consume a lot of space. So, packing them in cardboard boxes and sealing them with tapes saves your office space. Heavy packaging needs brown tapes and small packaging needs clear tapes for wrapping.

#Number labels

Be it allotting work desks, computer system or any naming cupboards, number labels are inevitable in an office. They help with sorting things hence helping with easy identification.

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What is the benefit of Eco-friendly packaging?

UK ranks 17th on the global waste index which includes how much waste is generated, how much is recycled and how much ends up in landfill. With most of us switching to online shopping in the pandemic that began in 2020, close to 2.8 billion parcels were packed in the same year alone and one can imagine the amount of waste that it would have generated in heaps!


Paper, cardboard and plastic is the primary material used in packaging worldwide. Though paper and cardboard waste is recycled to almost 80% in the UK, still the plastic waste remains a bigger challenge as it clogs our oceans, pollutes our lands and endangers our wildlife.

What would be the permanent solution to address this issue? Switching to eco-friendly packaging is the only solution at least with regard to packaging waste is concerned.

#Eco-friendly packaging options

With the awareness about the ill effects of waste pollution, many biodegradable products are developed that are more eco-friendly and less harmful.

When it comes to packing, paper and cardboard, the most widely used packaging items are still in the run as they can be recycled and reused to save a lot of packaging waste.

Biodegradable plastics can be used in the packaging of food items in the place of plastics as plastics are predominantly used by the food and beverages industry. This will reduce the plastic wastage considerably.

Jute and cotton bags used in traditional packaging can be used on a massive scale as they are much more eco-friendly, also they are easy to source and can be reused many times.

#Benefits of Eco-friendly packaging

With little effort from our end to spend time on packaging, a lot can be achieved when done collectively. Eco-friendly packaging highly reduces the carbon foot print on our mother earth. As they are biodegradable, they help us preserve our land and soil for the future generations thus reducing landfills.

Also, food and beverage products that come in contact with toxic chemicals while packaging indirectly affects human health. This can be completely avoided with the conscious decision to use natural packaging products.

Sustainability goals of the UN also emphasizes all nations to come to together in minimizing pollution and making this earth a better place to live in. A thoughtful decision in packaging can be a small change towards this goal.

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