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How to choose packaging products for shipping your valuable items safely?

by Ranjani Venkataraman on March 02, 2022

Though we have digital modes of communication these days, still not everything can be done digitally. Say, if you want to order online food, the process is digitized but the delivery has to be done physically in a packaging.

Similarly, though we sign electronic documents, not all documents can be exported that way. So, we rely on packaging supplies that come with specifications that suit our diverse requirements.

Be it your certificates, most memorable photographs or any important office document, all these need to be packaged properly or else they undergo wear and tear during shipping.

What are some of the options we have to safe packaging?

#Board back envelopes

Board back envelopes come with a hard card board backing that is sturdy for packing books, certificates, magazines and other items that weigh heavier.

It pains to see our delicate photographs getting bent while shipping and to save them, these envelopes come with a ‘please do bend’ print on the front. This way they provide maximum protection for your pictures to arrive safely.

Items sent through these envelopes are not visible through the material and so they are mainly used by online businesses and professional firms.

#White envelopes

For small and light items, mailing envelopes will suffice. They are cost effective and compact for couriers to transport. They come with self seals so just peel the shutter and seal it after putting the documents inside. This saves you some money on tapes for sealing the package.

#Mailing bags

Mailing bags are best when you want to pack gift or craft items through post. They are self sealing, water resistant and light weight that makes them suitable for shipping. These bags can be easily written on and so don’t require any address labels to write on them.

#High quality packaging products at wholesale prices

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How packaging influences a Customer in buying?

The pandemic has given a major push to the Retail Ecommerce industry in the UK and it is here to stay, undoubtedly. As per reports, Retail Ecommerce sales are going to hold 37.8% share of the total sales. By 2025, this is going to be almost 38.6%.

Be it food & beverage products or household goods, the UK already has a high number of digital buyers. As a result of all this, the packaging industry in the UK is expected to register a CAGR of 3% over the forecast period 2021-2026.

With all the statistics discussed what role does packaging play in buying?

Does it really affect your sales?

Can you create a brand value with packaging?

We will address some questions like these here.

#Packaging in logistics

Whatever amazing product you sell will become unworthy if it doesn’t reach your customer on time and without any damage. Packaging your products plays a vital role in logistics. Also, no customer likes to receive a damaged product and go through the pain of requesting for a replacement. That indirectly makes them to switch over to your Competitor from the next buy.

Also, making sure the right address label is fixed for correspondence and all product descriptions are printed clearly on a sticker paper, a smooth and safe delivery of any product packaging can be done.

#Packaging in sales

‘A product is known by the design of its packaging ‘–Sir Speedy Indore

A good packaging psychologically relates to a good product. An attractive packaging catches a Customer’s eye and chances of repetitive buying is more with it. If your packaging is unique, it leads to higher visibility and naturally a higher sale follows it.

#Packaging in branding

With the boom of Ecommerce post pandemic, Customers now have a lot of options to buy for a single product. They can easily find the right product at a competitive price in the market. But, what makes your product stand out from Competitors?

Create a brand packaging style for your product as the material, quality and pricing of products are mostly in par with competition in the market. Take that extra effort in designing your product custom labels, adding vibrant colors in designs and making your packaging more interesting.

To summarize, make a good product and make better packaging because a book may not be judged by its cover, but a product sure is.