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How to make your address label

by Ranjani Venkataraman on April 12, 2022

How to design and print address labels on your own?

Address labels are widely used by Businesses, Industries, Schools and large organizations to affix on their official correspondence mails. Ready to use address labels save people’s time, money and also create a brand image to a business or add prestige to an organization. One can also use address labels for personal communications like sending greetings, where they can be personalized to add a signatory touch. These stick on labels are available readily in the market or can also be designed and made at home. In most cases, address labels are printed using sticker papers or A4 labels. They come handy and can just be peeled and stuck to any surface.

Firstly, one has to know the minimum size of the sticker paper to be used for printing address labels. A tiny sized sticker paper won’t work and a too large one also would spoil the look. It is always better to go with a medium sized label, so the address content to be printed is concise, clear and looks neat as a package.

Secondly, if you are sending your envelopes to locations that have extreme weather conditions, it is better to choose the right material address label that can withstand harsh weather conditions.  Go for the one that is water proof, durable and has a good matt or glossy finish.

If you also care about the environment, choose a bio-degradable label product. This will end up in minimal wastage when you are mailing in large numbers.

Thirdly, choose the sticker paper material that is suitable for both laser jet and inkjet printers. If you are planning to add some graphical design or logo in your label, check for the suitability of digital press as well.

Fourthly, make your address labels look attractive with good graphic designs. These days a lot of free design software like Canva, Sketchup, Gravit, Adobespark and much more are available so you can unleash your creativity and make your label stand out. If you are into personal branding, then make sure you get a fantastic design printed on the label that represents your brand value.

Lastly, try to find address labels that are affordable so that you don’t end up spending too much on them.  Buy the sticker papers at wholesale prices in bulk quantities, so you can stock and keep using them then and there when needed.