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ranjani testing
ranjani testing

ranjani testing

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  • Can be used to stick on Business cards, Diary, laptops, Place card, Notebook etc
  • Our logo stickers are unique and perfectly designed by our design experts.

    ✔Our customized stickers are perfect for your business promotions, branding and personalized business usage.

    ✔Made of high quality vinyl material, our personalized business stickers are water proof, weatherproof and dishwasher safe.

    ✔Custom stickers made using Eco-solvent ink are scratch resistant and durable. 

    ✔Make brilliant logo stickers and business stickers with the wide gamut of colors that reproduces your art works realistically.

    Sticker printing is easy via our online ordering process. Simply upload your artwork and get your personalized sticker for business.

    ✔  These can be applied to any clean, smooth surface be it vehicles, water bottles, laptops, windows and more.

    Specification :

    Pack Of
    30mm - 20 stickers
    40mm - 15 stickers
    50mm - 12 stickers
    65mm -  9 stickers
    Material Transparent, Vinyl
    Brand Pack with