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Personalised  Warranty Void If Removed 20mm X 40mm Hologram Stickers

Personalised Warranty Void If Removed 20mm X 40mm Hologram Stickers

  • Our Hologram is Best for Brand Production,Packaging And Promotion,Brand Enhancement Authentication.
  • Tamper proof rolled Hologram sticker has Standard Wording "Warranty Void If Removed"
  • Our Hologram used for Effectively protect your business from fraudulent.

✔ Hologram performs a function to secure or identify the product where it is placed, the best way to protect, identify, and confirm the authenticity of the product is to use holographic protection methods.

✔ To protect the boxes, envelopes from being opened. When opened, it will leave a 'Warranty Void If Removed' pattern.

✔  Extra security to effectively protect your business from fraudulent warranty claims.

 Quick Dispatch: Next day delivery available. Designed and printed in UK. Please contact us for further information.

✔ Remark: To avail of High Volume Discounts, please contact us at + 0044-(0)1252 597 829 or send an email to info@packwith.co.uk. Typically you can expect a response in the next 24 hours.

 Specification  :


20mm X 40mm 


Warranty  Void If Removed




In rolls

  • Please enter the name to be printed in the given custom text box and Check for any Spelling, Uppercase, Lowercase Errors.
  • Our Designers will Resize and Centralised the text to make the Sticker Perfect.
  •  We will print and ship your item within 24hours (1 working day).